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  2. No, Maxthon DownLoad Manager isnt working(disconnected functionally) in either v5.2.7.1100 Beta version either....
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  4. Passwords export help

    Sorry about this, Pantantrollo, but you post a question, i reply to your question as clearly as possible, with no particular affect. Have just to say Thanks, not that it's shouldn't work like that because it's not the way you'd like it should have been and so and so .... Like you, i'm not a Maxthon team member, I use it as the developpers have builded it, you should consider same that this is complex because it's safe.
  5. I think it's a very good function, hope the dev team can add it.
  6. Yeah But this version didn't say anything about updating on these issues? Updating so many version from ground zero is such a pain....why dont you make updating versions user friendly and easy with one click? you can just give a update click option in settings itself. Thanking You
  7. Thank you for your screenshots. It's really odd. I cannot confirm this issue. How about the version
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  9. Passwords export help

    You see well, but draw conclusions about a person, based on the letters that make up his nick, does not say much about a person. It's like saying that someone is imbecile, just because that's what they call it I think my comment is not in form or content unfortunate (so that you first consider what you put and I think that if you checked my posts before, you would see that they are generally constructive) As for not wanting to have my passwd synchronized with assuming that I like the "old", well, obviously you are quite wrong, basically because there are other reasons than you could at first glance imagine, as you have done in this case. In fact, the power to export them (what I want), is to not have to point them anywhere. That way I could later import them into other browsers And this I honestly do not understand (my English is not so good) :-) Maxthon account I have (empty, without synchronizing anything), but I do not use it. To navigate I have the profile of "guest"
  10. Passwords export help

    Honestly and from my ignorance, I do not know what the rendering engine has to do (trident, blink), with the possibility of being able to export the passwords. (I do not see it seriously) My previous comment, it came about that other browsers if they export passwd, at least chrome and derivatives, as well as firefox (up to quantun) and even for IExplorer with some third-party tool (like quantun), but in maxthon, no. I do not even know if there is at least some third party tool that can do it. Do you think that should not offer such a feature?
  11. I already explained the Maxthon Downloader is not for when clicked to download anything which was previously it was doing....
  12. Passwords export help

    Hello pantantrollo , I see " troll " in your nickname , you may be one... By the way, as you seems to like good old things, i think you can use a paper and a pen to write down your passwords , or better keep all in mind . last thing, as passkeeper only works with a Maxthon Account, your comment is unsinfull.
  13. Passwords export help

    Oh, and which "other browser" do you know of that goes back to using trident as a browser engine that can actually do that? The bad joke here is that you actually believe that it should.
  14. Please consider useful innovations.

    Maybe you should have several accounts (windows, linux) and separate the work of each user
  15. Passwords export help

    It seems a joke in bad taste that "only" can be done in that way, having a maxthon account. Personally I do not like having to synchronize anything to be able to have my passwords (something I "yes" can get with other browsers)
  16. Thx for clarification, did not understand very well what was the problem
  17. Passwords export help

    Thankyou, I will certainly try this.
  18. Passwords export help

    there is one solution : 1 - connect to 2 - Log in and Sign in 3 - go to passkeeper 4 - Sign again second time 5 - Anywhere on the page use <CTRL+A> (select all) 5 - Right click on any hightligted field on the Left Panel 6 - Choose "Download the target to .." 7 - Download the FAV Html file as .hmtl or better as .txt 8 - open it with a text Editor, Excel, what you prefer, as Html with a local browser. 9 - All the Passwords are readable, you can re-order the file as you need. Tribute to @Ldfa from French Forum
  19. Passwords export help

    Hello all. I have been using Maxthon since it was called MyIE2. I think it was the first browser to have tabbed viewing and it seemed so advanced to other browsers way back then. Anyway, I would like to know how to export my passwords in Passkeeper please. Thankyou for all help and suggestions.
  20. Maxthon Netflix Issue

    Holy, thanks, I was about to download the new beta :,v you saved me XD
  21. Hi there!

    I just finished installing Maxthon a few minutes ago and already I'm finding well! Greetings to all users of this forum:-))
  22. Good ideas, thanks. It won't work here
  23. Yes I can make it reappear from the top right, but unfortunately when ever there is going to download click, the Download Manager is disappearing, this nevver happened before, only after I downloaded the v5.2.7.1000 official. Also I did install it from clean.... The default browser is set as Maxthon Download Manager as Usual. As this is clearly a unique bug now, Please give some solution urgently. We are used to Maxthon since many years as our default Browser! Thank You
  24. Please consider useful innovations.

    And I suggest you talk to your family and tell them to not leave 100 to 200 pages open. It's your computer, you set the rules.
  25. You can "return to top" by double clicking on the top of the Vertical slider on the right hand side of the page.
  26. In regard to the returning to the top of a page, would a mouse gesture that returns the page to the top work for you? That is what I have one set for and it works fine for me.
  27. Saved My Bacon (Citrix)

    Surely and from my ignorance, it may be that Maxthon has a pretty old blink kernel, and can still be compatible with Citrix
  28. In that last capture in which you comment that the downloader manager has disappeared, can not you make it appear from the icon on the top right, or with Ctrl+J?
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