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  1. Backup !

    In the folders: (for user guest) For maxthon installation %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest\Molebox\ For maxthon portable \MaxthonPortable\UserData\Users\guest\Molebox\ It has a folder called "notes", which together with the file "Molebox.dat" form the favorites and notes. I tried to just copy the "notes" folder in a new installation and the notes do not appear. They must be associated with the file I mentioned above, "Molebox.dat" so that everything is in place.
  2. Passkeeper user and password data export

    In the portable versions, there is a folder called UserData, in the same directory where you have it installed / unzipped. You just have to copy / move that folder (better copy, so try before everything is fine)
  3. I can write if I point to the search field for example with the mouse, no problem. I just can not write in that field, if nothing else load the page, I type anything with the keyboard (without fixing the mouse in the search field) Possibly, there will be so many variables in each system, namely what is
  4. I have downloaded and installed the "installable" versions v5.2.7.2000 and v5.3.8.500 and the same thing happens. The moment you enter the page (which will be on the same page that we found, NOT a new one), and try to write, nothing happens under the clinking courses, for example the google page Remember that for the failure to occur, you must disable "Open a new tab from Favorites" in settings Personally, it is something that I had not noticed, since I do not see it as something very serious either. I am more uncomfortable the failure of having to write 2 times in the url bar, because the first one is deleted, as in the beta version
  5. Yes (it does not work), with a clean portable installation, both in v5.3.8.500, and in v5.2.7.2000
  6. beta no sound in youtube

    In principle it seems that here sounds good with portable v5.3.8.500 (I do not have any loaded extension related to youtube)
  7. It also happens to me with v5.3.8.500 portable (I have not tested with the last stable) Edit: With the last stable it happens the same In both cases, it only happens when I disable "Open a new tab from Favorites" in general settings

    Error with Microsoft Silverlight, in several streaming platforms, such as Netflix, etc. .. not fixed yet

    In my case, it works well . Portable version Edit: It does not always work well, very erratic. Work here, portable version
  10. Here also works in portable version, both Drag and Drop text and on the links
  11. It's something that has been asked for since EONES, but no case I am half afternoon thinking that the other PC had some problem with maxthon and no, they are the ones who have a problem. Interestingly, if maxthon was open before the url crashed, the QA does work and so I thought it was the other PC who had the problem and not maxthon Note: Interestingly, on the main PC, the QA is working for me at times, but on another PC at any time
  12. For if as mentioned in the thread and you may be talking about different things, it would be nice to provide some video of what is explaining with the current version, and if it can be, what did NOT happen to the previous versions, so we all left doubts
  13. Passwords export help

    No [email protected], I just wanted to clarify some points
  14. Passwords export help

    You see well, but draw conclusions about a person, based on the letters that make up his nick, does not say much about a person. It's like saying that someone is imbecile, just because that's what they call it I think my comment is not in form or content unfortunate (so that you first consider what you put and I think that if you checked my posts before, you would see that they are generally constructive) As for not wanting to have my passwd synchronized with assuming that I like the "old", well, obviously you are quite wrong, basically because there are other reasons than you could at first glance imagine, as you have done in this case. In fact, the power to export them (what I want), is to not have to point them anywhere. That way I could later import them into other browsers And this I honestly do not understand (my English is not so good) :-) Maxthon account I have (empty, without synchronizing anything), but I do not use it. To navigate I have the profile of "guest"