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  1. Desktop Icon

    I like to keep my laptop's desktop clear; I tend only to put temporary links to presentations etc . when required. Since I have Maxthon on constantly (and it has a button on my taskbar) I see no need to have a Maxthon icon showing on the desktop. How can I stop it frequently "reminding" me "The desktop icon of Maxthon browser is abnormal. Fix it now for normal use."?
  2. mx://res/empty.htm

    Don't know if I've found the right place to put this. Since I have anchored the left hand content pane to the desktop instead of the browser, Maxthon will occasionally set up a new window titled XXXX showing mx://res/empty.htm as the URL. Is this a bug? And another "bug"? I have encountered on a few occasions is sometimes when I click on a link on a page, that page just disappears and I have to find and reopen it. I'm using v4.4.8.2000 on my Windows 10 laptop which it tells me is the latest version. I love Maxthon for its speed, the left navigation pane, the "Find in Page" menu item and the ability to split the screen.