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  1. Still no fix for autodeleted letters in addressbar
  2. I am ashamed, but I am the root cause of this problem. In November 2018 I found issue with MX's history on my work computer. History collection is stopped at 2018-10-10. This problem was taken by developers into work and the first step was changed MxHistory.dll file. This private debug DLL was have an added functionality - extensive logging of history tasks. Problem is still not fixed for now (6 months) but it looks like somehow this private debug version was leaked to production branch!

    LOL... I don't want even to download this version. Killing Maxthon by developers team is in progress...
  4. 5.3.8 branch

  5. 5.3.8 branch

    So how long will we wait for update? It's more than 2 weeks waiting for just a few easy fixes for annoying problems like lost letters in addressbar
  6. 5.3.8 branch

    Completely agree. Looks like developers release 5.3.8 and now shake in one's shoes looking at this Frankenstein's monster
  7. Hi every one on the forums!!

    Hello Annette! We love you and welcome to this forum!!!

    BugSir006, what's about addressbar problem? How about quick fix? Something like build?
  9. beta no sound in youtube

    No problem with sounds on Youtube for me

    Addressbar loosing entered text - The most annoying thing - is NOT fixed!
  11. Can't find in news. Is this version gone?
  12. new beta problems

    OK, some additional information here! The problem doesn't bond to freshly opened tab. You can open tab, wait for 30 seconds, start typing and voila - some letters lost. Looks like something started when user start typing. I think - browser start collecting suggestions.
  13. new beta problems

    Google interaction is strange =) search request doesn't visually fit into input field
  14. new beta problems

    +1 Some first letters is lost due to slow initialization of new tab