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  1. why maxthon is so slow !

    When you say: If I install an unofficial expansion, can I install an unofficial version? for example? I only know that maxthon center is the extension of the online center. I reinstall everything; antivirus eset, superAntispyware ! Increased a bit .....
  2. I did a browser security test.

    So, does that mean you do not use any extension of maxthon? For security?
  3. No problem? Here the photo ! I did this because maxthon is slow when I do clicks on the any links "thinking thinking"
  4. Nobody takes me into account with this featura that would be great ! What do you think ?
  5. why maxthon is so slow !

    Hi brot, I have 19.2 & 1.3 , but so I have the same issue
  6. Hello maxthon team ! Why is maxthon so slow? When I click on a quick access, keep thinking ZZZzzzz! . Even when I click on + (tab) same thing ZZZZ thinking and thinking ! I have got 20 mbps of internet ! V5.2.7.2000
  7. Mxone - horizontal page ?

    Sorry I meant MXNOTES
  8. Mxone - horizontal page ?

    I would like the sheet of mxone to be horizontal
  9. Hi maxthon team ! I would like to create a document on maxthon one but in " horizontal " Need to put my schedules in there "mxone" (as an image). possible ?
  10. Backup !

    Pantantrollo. I have a question, where is the extension .dat ??? I just see molebox !!! Is this ???? without .dat? Do I just copy "notes" including "molebox" , am I right?
  11. Backup !

    Hi, maxthon team I have a question. When I make a backup (bookmarks, notes), am I backing up the notes as well ? How can I backup my notes ? Note. I can only backup my bookmarks.
  12. Hi Maxthon team. There is an error in the latest official version. When I trying to "site update and check" the browser closes.
  13. Hi maxthon team, I am trying to login , on passkeeper , when I enter my code , display me a message " a network error occurred " I did this process for 4 times. Anyone has the same issue ?
  14. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Hi maxthon team, Please I already have explained my request , dont forget IT ! Some member ask me , why is so important this feature? here the answer; Its because I am a video editor. ( I open many pages on the desktop) THANK YOU GUYS !
  15. BugSir006 , hi , Dont forget my resquest.

    Its about tabs. "ask me "igf you want to close" just one tab.

    please, dont forget !

    1. BugSir006