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  1. Good ideas, thanks. It won't work here
  2. You are right, if I return from another page I don't need seeing the top of page. It should work just current page without switch from another pages.
  3. I want to suggest very useful new features for Maxthon. 1. I set "Open on startup" setting to "Last Session". When I start Maxthon then I always click on "Open All" button. After this Maxthon very heavy load my system. Maxthon opens many-many-many pages (100-200+ pages, my family like leave opened pages after browsing ), but in this moment nobody don't need in pages that would be updated. Please change logic for "Open All" button on "Last Session" to don't updated all pages from last session, kindly use cached pages and try update page when user click on this tab or just show cached version for him and he will decide to refresh this page or not. 2. I often open long pages that don't have at bottom "to the top" button. In order to return on the top of page I need always press "Home" on keyboard. It is so hard to do in a dark night room . Could you to make when user click on page tab then automatically browser shows the top of this page, the same as it works in Opera browser. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello team, I faced a bug, tabs menu & last tab have a very strange behaviour. ver 0 Video below:
  5. I have the same problem. System resolution the same, win7 64 bit
  6. Hello team, In russian localization, menu tab has a cropped objects. 0 ver Screen shot below: