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  1. made , no problems ..
  2. better say: Gearing Wheel
  3. http://dromaeo.com/?id=73212 The test stops and reboots after 5 mins (it shoud take ~33 mins to complete), just inside one of the DOM Query tests , don't know exactly which one.
  4. Click on the gearing button ! Under the receiving email adress , you can see Change , here you are ..
  5. Very curious , looks like an extension , never have seen a floating button like that exclude the video bar. maybe we have to check on the web server you make capture from . What is the URL ?
  6. Seems that you're using a maxthon plugin, which one ?
  7. hello Perplexer , i've made a check with my configuration : first i do not use the Favorite bar, but an extension : http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=3024. As i place myself in the same config described , so do not open a new tab from .. : From the Favorite Bar as for my Extension , the link is opened on the current Tab but the focus stays in the Favorite Bar or Extension bar, the only case where it works is when the link is called from Maxnote itself ( because it opens a new tab ). As i use "open a new tab from .." , the focus follows the opening of the new tab. Following my experience in software dev, you could not consider that this way of working is buggy, as you open in front a window and acts in it, you fix the focus inside, you will certainly not accept that a windows that was in background before catch the focus, despite you change its content from an action from the first window. Will say, thankfully !!!! the fact of opening a new window is different, because in this case it's a different and deliberate function that you use, you open a new tab and pass the focus to it. Is it more clear to you ?
  8. Passkeeper user and password data export

    to be clear : - the answer of @pantantrollo concern : ".. the data of the passkeeper into another similar or updated portable version " - mine concern : ".. the data of the passkeeper on another browser"
  9. Passkeeper user and password data export

    all is there : http://www.7585184.com/index.php?/topic/24195-passwords-export-help/&do=findComment&comment=127998
  10. Tested ,but no problems here. As things have encountered for many years, the "focus" is sometime difficult to affect automatically to the apparent active "Window". the Window above others is not always the active one, a blinking cursor does not indicate that the tab or window possess the Focus, it could be an autonomous blinking box , java or flash.
  11. Means that all the links "outside" the current domain (so different from the current) are opened in a new tab, as you stay in the same domain (~ same website) you stay in the same tab. Generally a website keeps the reader in is own domain ....
  12. i think we encounter same problem in béta
  13. Download path synchro

    I think you can use the same drive letter on both material, with PC modern Os the first drive system is not obliged to be C: it's conventionnal . so on tablet : c:\downloads ( i've considered it's not an Android one ) on PC , system disk is d: ( SSD) , HD is c: , c:\downloads stays on the right disk. another idea is to use symbolic link for the path,you can make a partition of HD a subfolder of the SSD ..
  14. Passwords export help

    Sorry about this, Pantantrollo, but you post a question, i reply to your question as clearly as possible, with no particular affect. Have just to say Thanks, not that it's shouldn't work like that because it's not the way you'd like it should have been and so and so .... Like you, i'm not a Maxthon team member, I use it as the developpers have builded it, you should consider same that this is complex because it's safe.